Slow down, breathe and take time for yourself

Noora Kuusisto

stress management coach

My goal is to help you become more aware of your needs and find the right coping tools to manage stress.

Working in the busy field of communications, I found myself looking for ways to help other people manage their stress. I’ve learnt that we are quite often too busy to pay attention to what our mind and body are telling us.

When we are so used to living in a fast-paced environment and dealing with the demands of everyday life, we can become chronically stressed. When being stressed becomes our new normal, letting it go will at first feel difficult, even scary. It requires time and practice to slow down the pace and become more receiving of the messages of our mind and body. 

Prolonged stress affects us in many ways. It makes concentrating and learning new things difficult, interrupts our sleep, and by making our cells to age prematurely, it can even make us look older.

Luckily, we can choose to take time for ourselves and build resilience, which will protect us from the negative effects of stress.

I offer group sessions, one-on-one coaching and workshops for stress relief and stress management. Besides the more usual stress management tools and methods, I utilize dance, drama, and other art-based methods.


Exercises for relaxation and stress reduction

Join my group relaxation classes for stress-relieving breathing exercises, gentle movement, and a mindful moment together. Classes are suitable for people of all ages, shapes and sizes, and no previous experience is required. Please note that most of my classes are held in Finnish, but I’m happy to have them also in English.

One-on-one coaching

Do you find it difficult to let go of stress or to relax? Sometimes we need help to change our routines. One-on-one stress relief coaching can help you become more aware of your needs and set boundaries and goals to improve your health. Coaching sessions can be arranged face-to-face or online.

Employee well-being

Invite me to your workplace to discuss stress-relief and how to improve focus and stay healthy. If you want something more active, I can facilitate inspirational workshops or guide your team through a gentle yoga or mindfulness practice.

I would love to hear from you! 

If you want to join my weekly relaxation classes online, just send me a message and I’ll send you the instructions. You can reach me at:

+358 50 5117666

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